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POV: Doge motivating you to get back up on your feet after recent times - dogecoin

What crypto projects do you HODL/invest in for the short term and why? - CryptoCurrency

Creating the First Adult Blockchain Game - CryptoCurrency

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CryptoCurrency 6124 1358
loopringorg 912 1010
ethtrader 673 68
dogecoin 449 142
Bitcoin 449 90
ethereum 136 45
cardano 111 25
BitcoinMarkets 104 22
kucoin 87 113
nanocurrency 54 46
CryptoMarkets 53 62
decentraland 41 15
btc 35 16
Iota 28 31
BATProject 26 7
Monero 22 87
Vechain 20 27
zilliqa 17 18
SysCoin 17 17
Bitcoincash 16 15
NEO 15 33
litecoin 14 4
Stellar 11 10
xmrtrader 11 12
KinFoundation 9 7
AionNetwork 7 4
peercoin 6 1
eos 5 6
WAX_io 4 4
CryptoTechnology 4 5
OntologyNetwork 3 4
UTRUST_Official 3 1
siacoin 3 16
EthereumClassic 3 4
RequestNetwork 3 25
EnjinCoin 2 6
Bancor 2 9
bitcoincashSV 2 2
helloicon 2 8
waltonchain 2 0
BinanceExchange 2 1
WabiToken 1 2
Tronix 1 3
monacoin 1 3

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Still hodling NANO. Try your best to either make me sell it or keep hodling. 456 242 CryptoCurrency
The decoupling has begun. 313 173 CryptoCurrency
It's been almost two months since the pandora papers unveiled a massive network of the rich and powerful hoarding billions of dollars in offshare tax havens, but instead of addressing the obvious fraud at hand, politicians aim to make crypto the "bad guy". You can't make this up. 229 1358 CryptoCurrency
How do you guys do it? 197 78 CryptoCurrency
How old is the average user on this sub? 164 22 CryptoCurrency
Why I am never purchasing CRO/Crypto.com 141 35 CryptoCurrency
What's your Secret Coin!! 134 18 CryptoCurrency
[Daily Discussion] - Tuesday, November 30, 2021 103 22 BitcoinMarkets
Do you believe that ETH will take over bitcoin in the future? 97 27 CryptoCurrency
This sub recently... 94 414 loopringorg
Byron on the loopring team is asking for our help 89 1010 loopringorg
Robinhood stock closes at a record low, now down almost 70% since August. This follows a bearish analyst call, a security breach, and plummeting app downloads and crypto trading revenue, all over the course of the past month. 88 154 CryptoCurrency
Ways to nickel and dime my way to a Lambo? 85 9 CryptoCurrency
Why do you people like ETH so much? 84 11 CryptoCurrency
Not checking charts in December 80 31 CryptoCurrency
Hypothetically: can cryptocurrencies be worthless? 78 19 CryptoCurrency
If you could only have 5 coins and never sell, which coins would you HODL for 10+ years? 73 8 CryptoCurrency
Daily Discussion, November 30, 2021 72 18 Bitcoin
What coins would you invest $1000 into? 72 2 CryptoCurrency
Holding crypto now feels like holding Amazon or Google stock in the early internet days. 69 52 CryptoCurrency
How many different coins is too many? 62 16 CryptoCurrency
About time for Cardano to start taking off again... key factors to watch for 61 39 CryptoCurrency
The new Virtual World 61 5 CryptoCurrency
Moon Faucet 56 8 CryptoCurrency
I am not a good investor. You are not a good investor. But in certain situations we have to ask ourselves "What would a good investor do?". 54 13 CryptoCurrency
Just got a notification “Ethereum is up 8,56% today” 53 28 ethtrader
Countries banning crypto won't stop crypto in the same way countries banning the internet won't stop the internet. It will just give that country's citizens disadvantages. 52 32 CryptoCurrency
What Would You Name Your Crypto Movie? 50 14 CryptoCurrency
The Loopring wallet is absolute garbage and people on this sub should be more responsible about promoting it with all the bugs including a ton of grammatical errors. I transferred the min amount 55.03 LRC to create the wallet. Instead it gave me $2.79 worth of ETH. Good thing I didn’t transfer 100k 49 0 loopringorg
Eth network fee's ruin the "give it a try" mentality 48 26 CryptoCurrency
The final support before dogecoin move on december. $2-$3 lets go! 44 64 dogecoin
The most Underrated Token MoonsDust, You will ever Come across. 43 3 CryptoCurrency
I have one request from you all, regardless of the outcome of GME partnership. 42 70 loopringorg
I don't know how to stake, and I've been too afraid to ask. 41 11 CryptoCurrency
All those who panic sold during the fall will now have to buy at a higher price , all these years and haven't Crypto taught anything to you about volatility and how it moves? 41 7 CryptoCurrency
Plan B Says Bitcoin Price Still 'on Track Towards $100K' Despite Missing November's Price Prediction 40 13 CryptoCurrency
✅ Petition for MultiVAC Mainnet on Kucoin ✅ 40 113 kucoin
If you give me 5 minutes maybe I can change your mind on the value of NFTs? 39 14 CryptoCurrency
Brace yourselves. $5 is coming. 💯 39 142 dogecoin
What do you think Are you Really early or Quite late to Crypto? 39 9 CryptoCurrency
People say that Polygon is going to disappear after ETH 2.0 37 16 CryptoCurrency
Looooooopring sucks. It really, really sucks. 36 0 loopringorg
On a scale from 1 to Pluto, how screwed is my friend? Story time! 35 11 CryptoCurrency
It's been a wild trip these past 5 years, but I'm ready to move on 35 29 CryptoCurrency
After losing $8,000 in an altcoin scam, one man started a group that hunts down crypto frauds 35 30 CryptoCurrency
Do you believe that ETH will take over bitcoin in the future? 35 6 CryptoCurrency
How to Talk to Your Family About NFTs 34 0 CryptoCurrency
Get out of LRC while you can. 34 0 loopringorg
NFTs are still useless 34 7 CryptoCurrency
loopring mobile wallet 33 7 loopringorg
Things have been stagnant in Cryptoverse since 2-3 days 33 2 CryptoCurrency
PlanB: Bitcoin still on the road to $100k 32 16 CryptoCurrency
Today is Crypto Tuesday! 32 10 CryptoCurrency
Now I am confident that the Binance and Coinbase are running a paid campaign on Reddit to depreciate CRO to newbies, 32 26 CryptoCurrency
Can the banks buy all the Bitcoin/Crypto? 32 10 CryptoCurrency
I am now confident that the exchange wars have began. 32 23 CryptoCurrency
Ethereum is simply the most stable coin during dips and the most pumping during rips! It’s outperforming Bitcoin by far. 32 45 ethereum
Let's assume my seed phrase will be found/stolen & the thief is trying to guess my seed phrase's passphrase... (hypothetically) 32 1 Bitcoin
With Christmas on the way, don't worry if you can't DCA as much as usual. Prioritize your loved ones. 31 20 CryptoCurrency
Today forme it’s a great day 31 7 CryptoCurrency
My bank is banning me from buying crypto on virtually all exchanges, every month.. 29 8 CryptoCurrency
Why the Shiba Inu crypto is up 27% today 29 7 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin just tanked nearly $2k in 30 minutes 29 0 Bitcoin
Best place to stake coins advice 29 4 CryptoCurrency
How does your bank and the IRS react if you sell a bunch of bitcoin and cash it out? 29 2 Bitcoin
Coinbase USDC Learn and Earn for $4!!! 29 4 CryptoCurrency
Binance is working hard to take your money: I just got a 1,000 USDT “voucher” to get reked on margin 28 17 CryptoCurrency
When is the best time to do transactions paying less gas fees? 28 9 CryptoCurrency
What in the actual F is happening? 28 3 loopringorg
Economist Who Said The Internet Would Fail Says Crypto Is For Tax Cheats And Criminals 27 19 CryptoCurrency
Things that I like in the crypto space 27 11 CryptoCurrency
Inflation in continues until at least Q3 2022: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell warns Congress that inflation may keep rising next year 27 9 CryptoCurrency
How to do your own research. The right way 27 6 CryptoCurrency
27 2 CryptoCurrency
Why does everyone hate ICP but love Solana when ICP is 11x faster? 27 5 CryptoCurrency
Taking profits versus leaving all your money in. The truth of ‘taking profits’. 27 0 CryptoCurrency
ETH Fomooooooooo!!!! 26 2 CryptoCurrency
The two largest countries in the world seem intent on effectively banning their citizens from participating in crypto, which poses a serious threat to the crypto agenda. 26 12 CryptoCurrency
Can Bitcoin Kill Central Banks? 26 8 CryptoCurrency
In case of emergency... 25 6 Bitcoin
After a year and a half of scrimping and saving and dca’ing I am finally have 1 bitcoin 25 90 Bitcoin
Polkadot has no competition in the Crypto Market????? 25 6 CryptoCurrency
Ethereum looks like it's going straight up from here 25 6 CryptoCurrency
What crypto projects do you HODL/invest in for the short term and why? 25 9 CryptoCurrency
How much to invest 24 4 Bitcoin
If someone is really making millions trading crypto, they keep doing it, they don't try to "sell" you how they do it . They do as much as possible to keep that a secret. 24 17 CryptoCurrency
Odysee: The Decentralized YouTube 24 7 CryptoCurrency
Platforms offering HIGH APY's (>10%) are not being honest 24 0 CryptoCurrency
Things I don't like in crypto world 23 6 CryptoCurrency
Jack Dorsey Resigning as CEO of Twitter Is Bullish for Crypto 23 9 CryptoCurrency
Staking is your best friend at bulls or bears markets. 22 11 CryptoCurrency
Secret Santa - Crypto edition 22 4 CryptoCurrency
Budweiser's Twitter handle has been changed to beer.eth, and the company has announced an NFT drop on ETH. 22 16 CryptoCurrency
Why is it saying this?? 309 LRC but it says it’s worth $0. What’s happening it said 800+ a few minutes ago. 22 2 loopringorg
Wasn't inflation "good" for crypto? 22 12 CryptoCurrency
Nobody today can create a Metaverse as it really should be. The technology and the infrastructure isn’t yet available, neither for Facebook nor for any crypto developer, please stop this futile hype. 22 4 CryptoCurrency
"If only I'd bought Bitcoin 10 years ago, I'd be a multi millionaire by now" Reality is you would have sold well before BTC hit 20k in the last bull run 22 11 CryptoCurrency
Stop the 'early' posts 22 3 CryptoCurrency
Official support of KuCoin charging 50 USDT to retrieve 10.5 NANO in the shadiest way possible 21 10 CryptoCurrency
Ask me a question about cryptocurrencies and after I answer, edit the question to make me look like an Idiot (which I am anyways) 21 0 CryptoCurrency