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TSLA News Summary: Tesla's stock ($TSLA) is experiencing a "death cross" on the weekly chart, which last occurred in 2019 before the stock surged. Additionally, four years ago in December, Tesla's stock followed a money pattern and doubled in value over seven months. There is speculation that Tesla may be preparing for another significant increase in value. In other news, there is excitement surrounding the launch of a physical dogecoin on the moon, as well as the potential approval of an ETF in early January. Bitcoin is also predicted to reach $69,000 by Christmas. There are questions about whether Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin, with speculation that he may be accumulating it. Tesla's stock is expected to reach a price target of $350.
2023-12-03 03:30:02
MMAT There are several tweets mentioning the stock symbol $MMAT, suggesting that there is a boycott buying movement related to this stock. The tweets include multiple YouTube links featuring videos related to $MMAT.
2023-12-03 00:20:01
MMAT There is no relevant finance-related news in the provided tweets.
2023-12-03 00:10:02
AMC News Summary: The tweets discuss the financial situation of AMC, with some users mocking the stock and others expressing their support. One user jokes about not being able to afford anything due to the stock's decline, while another mocks those who are confident in its success. There is also mention of a shill account and a humorous conversation between an investor and a nurse who believes AMC has been out of business for 32 years. The tweets also mention the drowning of banks and shorts, as well as the user's positive sentiment towards the stock.
2023-12-02 23:20:01
AMC The news is about the stock of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. ($AMC). The tweets mention the stock's performance, with one user mocking those who lost money on it. Another user comments on the presence of a shill account promoting the stock. There is also a conversation between an ape (a term used to refer to AMC stock supporters) and a nurse, where the nurse mentions that AMC has been out of business for 32 years. The news also mentions a link to an article about AMC's involvement in a film screening program. The tweets conclude with a user expressing support for the stock and mentioning the struggles of banks and short sellers.
2023-12-02 23:10:01
TSLA News Summary: Tesla ($TSLA) gains new watchers, Dogecoin ($DOGE.X) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB.X) see a surge, and Elon Musk praised for Tesla's performance. However, skepticism remains about trading volume and production. Dow Jones bucks hawkish Powell, while Tesla's stock falls.
2023-12-02 21:40:02
COIN The tweets discuss the potential impact of Coinbase's CEO reaching out to presidents of high debt/high inflation countries to regulate their monetary policy and adopt Bitcoin in their fiat currencies. The suggestion is to offer a reward of 100 Bitcoin as a starter. The tweets also mention the anticipation of a rise in the price of Coinbase's stock ($COIN) on Monday, with predictions ranging from $10-$20 to $157.
2023-12-02 21:30:02
MULN News Summary: There are tweets discussing conversations between commercial salesmen and an individual regarding investments and social media postings. The individual expresses bullish sentiments and mentions blocking out negative feedback. There is also mention of resentment towards interviews and the source of leaked photos. The tweets emphasize giving credit to @Mquigley for the photos and criticize those who claim the photos were leaked.
2023-12-02 21:10:02
RIOT The tweets discuss the recent performance of various finance-related stocks, particularly in the cryptocurrency mining sector. The author mentions that many people lost hope in mining stocks but now expects a parabolic move. They also mention specific stocks like $MARA, $RIOT, $HUT, $BKKT, $CLSK, and $BTC.X. The author suggests that they posted about these stocks earlier and that their Discord members are benefiting from it. They also mention that Monday could be a good day for $BETS. The author acknowledges that they are not always right but hope that those who held on to $RIOT until Monday will be happy. They express excitement about Bitcoin's performance and mention specific stocks like $COIN, $SPY, $ETH.X. Finally, the author regrets not swinging more $RIOT over the weekend.
2023-12-02 20:20:02
TSLA News Summary: Tesla ($TSLA) is predicted to reach a price target of $410 once it breaks above the inverse head and shoulders $300 neckline on the weekly chart. There is a possibility of the stock reaching $300+ by the end of the month, setting up for a significant move into the end of January. The stock gained 56 new watchers today, according to Stock Illuminati. However, there are concerns about the actions of Elon Musk, with comparisons being made to Donald Trump. Additionally, doubts are raised about the feasibility of Tesla's solar shingles and the capabilities of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology. The legitimacy of the trading volume and the company's production are also questioned. In other news, the Dow Jones bucks hawkish Powell as yields plunge and Tesla's stock falls.
2023-12-02 19:40:02
SOFI Summary: The tweets mention the stock symbol $SOFI multiple times, with some users expressing positive sentiment and recommending buying the stock. One user mentions divergence on the weekly chart and predicts an extended run. Another user shares their strategy of buying calls or puts and selling for profit. The last tweet mentions a goal of seeing what $SOFI can do with $700.
2023-12-02 19:30:02
SPCE Summary: Virgin Galactic ($SPCE) is facing criticism and skepticism from investors and analysts. Some traders are recommending selling the stock, citing technical indicators and concerns about the company's financial situation. The recent layoffs are seen as insufficient to address the company's losses, and management's actions are being questioned. Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, has stated that he is not interested in investing in the company at its current price. Additionally, doubts are raised about the need for a large workforce and the viability of new spaceports. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
2023-12-02 19:30:02
MULN News Summary: MULN, a finance-related company, shared photos of their upcoming products. They mentioned that more photos will be released soon and that they will be visiting the delivery site again to look for more products. They also mentioned that using leaked photos without giving credit is dishonest. Additionally, they called out YouTubers for not giving credit to the original photographer, @Mquigley. Finally, they celebrated a successful vote with a 12-15-23 outcome.
2023-12-02 19:10:02
AMC News Summary: AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) stock has been the subject of discussion among investors on Twitter. Some users are skeptical about the company's potential gains and point out that AMC has been out of business for 32 years. However, others express their support for the stock and share positive sentiments. Additionally, there is mention of a film guideline update by AMC and the stock's association with the cryptocurrency market. Despite being criticized and vilified, AMC investors remain hopeful for a potential squeeze in the future. The CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, is also mentioned, with users noting his consistent presence. Technical analysis is also discussed, with the need for a higher green close to confirm a bullish reversal pattern.
2023-12-02 19:10:02
TRKA News Summary: The tweet mentions the stock symbol $TRKA and discusses various opinions and speculations about its future. Some tweets suggest that the stock will reach $100, while others believe it will drop to zero or be acquired by Elon Musk. There is also mention of bankruptcy. The tweet calls for Harvard-educated analysts and financial experts to provide their insights. The bears are mentioned, indicating that there are skeptics of the stock. The tweet encourages people to stop spending time with family and be productive, instead focusing on posting and discussing the stock. Overall, the tweet reflects a mix of excitement, speculation, and humor surrounding the $TRKA stock.
2023-12-02 18:40:01
TSLA News Summary: Tesla ($TSLA) stock faces challenges from short sellers, who have over $24 billion in short interest. These short sellers not only suppress the stock but also negatively impact the company by spreading negative narratives about the work environment, product safety, and management. Short selling is detrimental to both the stock and the company itself. Despite recovering the weekly 200-day moving average three times, the stock has been stagnant for three years and is currently 44% down from its all-time high. However, some analysts believe that Tesla is at a similar juncture as in 2016 when it prepared for another leg up. They predict a potential rise above the all-time high in 2024, followed by more sideways movement. Additionally, there are tweets discussing the high price of Tesla solar shingles and comparing Elon Musk to Donald Trump.
2023-12-02 18:40:01
COIN News Summary: Investors are expressing excitement and optimism about the future performance of Coinbase ($COIN) stock, with expectations of a $10-$20 increase on Monday. Some individuals are even placing all their bets on calls for the stock. Meanwhile, a suggestion has been made for the CEO of Coinbase to reach out to presidents of high debt and high inflation countries to regulate their monetary policies and adopt Bitcoin in their fiat systems. It is proposed that offering a reward of 100 Bitcoin could incentivize these countries to adopt the cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are concerns about the influence of Coinbase on other cryptocurrencies, with suspicions that they may prevent smaller coin holders from breaking even.
2023-12-02 18:30:02
PFE News Summary: The tweets mention several pharmaceutical companies, including $ALT, $GPCR, $PFE, and $VKTX, comparing their side effects, blood pressure readouts, arrhythmia data, heart rate data, fibrosis improvement, and LDL cholesterol reduction. The tweets suggest that $ALT may be ahead in the race for approval and better in comparison to $GPCR and $VKTX. The tweets also express frustration with $PFE, calling it "poison for profit" and expressing hope for its stock to decline. Additionally, there is mention of upcoming events such as Germany's vote, DEA/HHS recommendation, HHS's review, and SAFERbanking, as well as $PFE's acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals.
2023-12-02 18:20:01
TSLA News Summary: Tesla (TSLA) stock is expected to start a new upward trend soon, potentially reaching above its all-time high in 2024. The stock may experience some sideways movement similar to the period between 2017 and 2019 before another leg up. Historically, Tesla has seen two break and recoveries of the weekly 200-day moving average before launching higher, and it has not broken the 200-day moving average a fourth time after recovering it three times. This suggests that Tesla may be at a similar juncture as in late 2016 when it prepared for another upward move. Additionally, the CyberTruck is expected to see a lower price as production scales up, and it is predicted to be a game changer in the market. The stock may reach $280-$300 by December or early January. The S&P 500 (SPY) has shown strength for the past five weeks, and historically it can run for up to six consecutive weeks, with the last week potentially experiencing a strong bounce. Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) are also mentioned in the tweets.
2023-12-02 17:40:02
TSLA News Summary: Tesla's CyberTruck receives positive reviews and is expected to be a game changer in the pickup truck market. The company's CEO, Elon Musk, is praised for his marketing skills. The stock price is predicted to reach $280-$300 by December or early January. The S&P 500 shows no mercy for bears, with a potential run for six consecutive weeks. Dogecoin and Bitcoin are mentioned as investment opportunities. However, there is a tweet predicting trouble for Tesla, with the stock price potentially falling below $200.
2023-12-02 16:50:01
TSLA News Summary: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted about people who do evil while trying to look good. He also mentioned his two holdings, Tesla and SOL. Another tweet discussed the CyberTruck, stating that the price would decrease as production scales up and that it has received positive reviews. The tweet predicted that Tesla's stock could reach $280-$300 by December or early January. There was also a mention of weakness in the SPY and the possibility of a bounce. Additionally, there were tweets about Dogecoin and Bitcoin, emphasizing the opportunity they present. Finally, a tweet predicted that Tesla's stock would fall below $200 soon and shared a link to an article about Elon Musk's Twitter activity.
2023-12-02 16:40:02
DWAC News Summary: A Twitter user is calling for a class action lawsuit against someone referred to as "the convict" and criticizes their potential actions if they win the election. They claim that this person will prioritize personal interests over the American people. The user also accuses this individual of corruption but considers them a true American patriot. The tweet includes a link to an article about Olympic swimmer Klete Keller's sentencing related to the January 6 Capitol incident. Another tweet mentions former CNN host Chris Cuomo expressing buyer's remorse, and a user suggests suing President Biden for vaccine mandates. The user also dismisses a business insider article as false.
2023-12-02 16:30:02
RIOT The Aroon Indicator for $RIOT has entered an uptrend, with the odds of a downtrend being viewed. Many people lost hope on miners after two months of swinging and accumulating shares, but now there is anticipation for an old school parabolic move. $MARA, $HUT, $BKKT, and $BTC.X are also mentioned. The price of $RIOT calls for next Friday is discussed, with a target of $14.5. The tweet expresses excitement for the bullish movement of $RIOT, $MARA, and $BTC.X. Bitcoin is mentioned as taking off, and various stocks and cryptocurrencies are mentioned as looking good. The tweeter regrets not swinging more $RIOT over the weekend.
2023-12-02 16:20:01
MULN There is no relevant finance-related information in the provided tweets.
2023-12-02 16:10:01
AMC AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) has entered a bullish trend, despite previous losses that affected investors. The company's stock has been favored by retail investors, known as "apes," who have remained loyal despite the stock's decline. However, there seems to be a misconception among some investors, as one nurse mistakenly believed that AMC had been out of business for 32 years. In other news, AMC has released guidelines for screenings of Beyoncé's upcoming film, indicating that the company is still active in the industry. Additionally, the tweet mentions that there is nothing wrong with liking the stock and expresses similar thoughts on cryptocurrency. The tweet also highlights the significant number of shares traded since the reverse stock split, suggesting that investors are fearful of AMC raising money. The tweet concludes by mentioning Gary Gensler, who may face scrutiny for his involvement in the situation. Finally, the tweet references a tweet by Mr. Santos, indicating that there may be further developments in the future.
2023-12-02 16:10:01
MARA News Summary: The RSI Indicator for Marathon Patent Group ($MARA) has left the overbought zone, indicating a potential downtrend. The MACD has crossed the Moving Average, suggesting a significant change in the stock's direction. Investors are optimistic about the future of $MARA, with predictions of it reaching $40+ next year. Short sellers are facing losses as the stock continues to rise. There is anticipation for $MARA to reach $15 this week and potentially $20-$25 before the halving event. Excitement is building for Monday's trading session, with hopes of further gains.
2023-12-02 16:00:02
MULN Investors express optimism about $MULN as they anticipate a forthcoming press release following the release of photos. They plan to buy more shares on Monday. The company's social media presence is criticized by some dealers, who believe negative comments would be made by YouTubers. The success of $MULN is emphasized, with hopes for a significant breakthrough. The influence of YouTubers in the electric vehicle industry is questioned. Retail investors are encouraged to spread the news on various social media platforms. The praise for @Mquigley is highlighted, urging others to follow him.
2023-12-02 15:10:01
MARA News Summary: Investors are expressing excitement and optimism about the performance of several finance-related stocks, including $BTC.X, $MARA, $RIOT, $HUT, and $BKKT. They believe that the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) crossing the moving average (MA) indicates a bullish trend. Some investors are also noting that $MARA is still heavily shorted, which they believe could lead to a short squeeze. They are considering entry points for $MARA, with some hoping for a pullback before entering. There is speculation that $MARA could reach $20-$25 in the short term and potentially even higher after the halving event. Investors are also discussing the potential long-term value of $MARA if Bitcoin reaches new all-time highs, with some predicting prices of $100K or even $500K. Overall, investors are optimistic about the future performance of these stocks.
2023-12-02 15:00:03
TSLA Tesla ($TSLA) is facing criticism regarding its self-driving software, with some claiming it is worthless. Critics argue that almost every car company has its own self-driving software, making Tesla's offering less unique. They predict a significant drop in Tesla's value. Additionally, there are concerns about Tesla's Cybertruck and its broken promises. The release of FSD 12 is expected to reveal that Tesla's vision-only system is only effective in good conditions. There are doubts about whether the Tesla board will hold Elon Musk accountable or continue to support him. Wedbush recently removed Tesla from its top stocks list due to concerns about the Twitter deal. Furthermore, China is reportedly planning to restrict the export of minerals, including graphite, which could impact the electric vehicle industry.
2023-12-02 14:40:02
MMAT The market may react negatively as the stock price of MMAT broke the higher Bollinger Band, indicating a potential downtrend. The Aroon Indicator also entered a downtrend, further supporting the odds of a downtrend. The tweets also mention various YouTube videos related to healing, growth, and mental health, all associated with MMAT.
2023-12-02 14:10:02
MULN Summary: The tweets mention the user's bullish stance on $MULN stock and their plans to share photos on social media. They also mention being impatient and heading to RMA, as well as dealers' negative views on social media. The user expresses excitement about MULN's Class 3 price and credits, expecting huge revenue in December. They encourage others to share the information on various social media platforms.
2023-12-02 14:10:02
TSLA News Summary: Tesla ($TSLA) is facing criticism and predictions of a significant decline in value. With a P/E ratio of 70, some believe the stock could fall by 90%. The company's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software is also being questioned, with skeptics challenging the uniqueness of Tesla's self-driving capabilities. Additionally, concerns are raised about the company's Cybertruck and its potential impact on sales. Some predict that Tesla could face bankruptcy by 2026. Furthermore, it is noted that Tesla's data-sharing practices are not unique among modern car manufacturers. Overall, these tweets reflect a negative sentiment towards Tesla and its future prospects.
2023-12-02 13:40:02
COIN Coinbase's stock ($COIN) is expected to climb $20-$30 a day until it reaches $500. Wall Street is confident in Coinbase's ability to survive the crypto winter, leading to increased investment. The company is also partnering with Bitty to offer three times the fees compared to last year. The stock is currently testing $190 and is seen as the future of finance. Additionally, Bitcoin is predicted to reach $40,000 this weekend. However, there are concerns about the dominance of Coinbase in the market, as 75% of some coins come from the platform, potentially preventing smaller investors from breaking even. Despite this, $COIN is expected to reach $175-$200 this month.
2023-12-02 13:30:02
MULN News Summary: MULN stockholder expresses frustration with deleted posts and impatience, encourages others to prepare for Monday. The stock's performance is compared to another stock that went to OTC and still performed well. The stockholder also discusses the negative impact of reverse splits on their investment. Additionally, MULN announces a Class 3 price of $68,500, with potential significant revenue expected in December.
2023-12-02 13:10:02
GME The news is about the stock market, specifically the stock of GameStop ($GME). The tweets mention that $GME is entering a bearish trend and some users express their liking for the stock despite losing money. There is also mention of Nokia ($NOK), AMC ($AMC), and BlackBerry ($BB) stocks. One user plans to use their Christmas bonus to buy gift cards and shares of AMC and GME.
2023-12-02 12:50:02
TSLA News Summary: Tesla's stock (TSLA) is predicted to have a significant decline of up to 90% due to its high P/E ratio of 70. The company's fair market value was only $16.20 per share last quarter. Additionally, Tesla, the largest employer in the USA, has stopped advertising on a platform called X. There are questions about when Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, will sell his stock. Walmart has also joined the advertising exodus by stopping ads on X. Some critics refer to Tesla as a "CyberHearse" and suggest that those holding Tesla stock are attending "Bag Holder University." The average P/E ratio in the automotive industry is mentioned to be 5.12. The tweet also criticizes Elon Musk's failed attempt to buy Tesla for $420 before its significant increase in value. The author suggests that Musk is primarily looking out for his own interests. The tweet mentions Apple (AAPL), SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), and Zoom Video Communications (ZM) in relation to Tesla. The tweet also references the expectation of interest rates dropping to zero and the existence of zombie companies due to inflation. The author criticizes a person referred to as "fweedum guy" and his tantrum, suggesting that he is detached and surrounded by sycophants. The tweet mentions Alibaba Group Holding (BABA), NIO Inc. (NIO), and Zoom Video Communications (ZM) as examples of market manipulation. A learning session on market manipulation is recommended, and an article on Seeking Alpha is shared.
2023-12-02 12:40:02
MMAT There is no relevant finance-related information in the provided tweets.
2023-12-02 12:10:01
MULN There is no relevant finance-related news in the provided tweets.
2023-12-02 12:10:01
NVDA News Summary: A tweet suggests that Nvidia (NVDA) may be reaching a blow-off top, with a correction expected soon. The tweet also mentions target prices for a bearish shark pattern and suggests that if NVDA drops to a certain level, it may continue to decline until it reaches a gap cover at $340. Another tweet dismisses a chart pointing to a sub $300 price target for NVDA, stating that it is based on outdated information and would require a significant collapse for the stock to reach that level. In other news, a new Chinese GGPU is said to challenge Nvidia's AI dominance but falls short. The tweet also mentions ON Semiconductor (ON) as an undervalued semiconductor stock with potential for growth in the EV market. A tweet criticizes a chart analysis technique and suggests that fundamental analysis and other indicators should be used in addition to charts for accurate predictions. The tweet specifically mentions that earnings forecasts and revenue forecasts can invalidate technical analysis.
2023-12-02 12:10:01
TRKA News Summary: TRKA, a finance-related company, is experiencing speculation and anticipation among investors. Some believe that the stock is showing signs of a bull-flag pattern, while others are expecting a short squeeze before a potential buyout. There is also mention of a user named @MistaRobertDobolina being in ST jail and using encrypted messages on Reddit. Additionally, TRKA has filed an 8-K form, stating that the company and Blue Torch have agreed to extend the Outside Date from November 29, 2023, to December 4, 2023.
2023-12-02 11:40:02
TSLA Tesla becomes the number one employer in the USA and stops advertising on a platform referred to as "X." There is speculation about when Elon Musk will sell his stock. Tesla's support level is predicted to bounce back at $205. The company successfully delivers its cyber trucks, and the tweet emphasizes the unstoppable nature of Tesla's plans and operations. The tweet also mentions the possibility of Apple, SPY, and Tesla dominating the market until the next year, with interest rates dropping to zero. There is criticism of Elon Musk's previous attempt to buy Tesla at $420 and the manipulation of the market by certain companies. The tweet suggests a learning session on Saturday to understand these market dynamics. Lastly, there are suggestions about using trailers with tanks or roof racks to store batteries for Tesla vehicles.
2023-12-02 11:40:02
AMC AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) has seen a significant number of shares traded since its positive earnings report on November 8, 2023. Despite the stock price dropping from $10.09 to $6.89, there has been no dilution. The company's low stock price has led to fear of AMC issuing a dividend. Some Twitter users are calling for Gary Gensler, the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, to be imprisoned. Another tweet encourages people to support movie theaters by watching movies or buying gift cards. Additionally, there have been over 1.6 billion shares traded since a reverse stock split, indicating fear of AMC raising money. The tweet also criticizes Disney for financial losses and alleged book cooking. There are mentions of bankrupt companies not registering new trademarks and attempts to manipulate the market. Despite these negative sentiments, there are also tweets expressing support for AMC and its CEO, Adam Aron.
2023-12-02 11:20:01
AMC AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) has seen a significant number of shares traded since its positive earnings report on November 8, 2023. Despite the lack of dilution, the stock price has dropped from $10.09 to $6.89, causing concern among investors. There is speculation that this drop in price is due to fear of AMC issuing a dividend. Some individuals, such as @Goldust69 and @EatMySnoooch, express their support for AMC and encourage others to go see movies or buy gift cards. Additionally, there are tweets criticizing Gary Gensler and discussing the trading of shares since a reverse stock split. The tweets also mention bankrupt companies not registering new trademarks, the volatility of Bitcoin, and the financial struggles of Disney compared to AMC's consistent earnings beats. Lastly, there is mention of bearish individuals posting late on a Friday night, suggesting a negative sentiment towards AMC.
2023-12-02 11:10:01
NVDA News Summary: A Twitter user suggests that Nvidia's stock (NVDA) has reached a blowoff top with a double top pattern at the 500 area, indicating a potential correction. They also mention that bear markets in the S&P 500 (SPY) and Nasdaq (QQQ) often occur after the first Fed rate cut. Another user shares a bearish perspective on NVDA, pointing out a harmonic bearish shark pattern and target prices. They believe that if NVDA drops to the target levels, it may continue falling until it reaches the gap cover at $340. Additionally, a video from Fox Business highlights the cheap valuation of NVDA. On the other hand, a new Chinese GGPU is introduced to challenge Nvidia's dominance in AI, but it falls short in performance. Another Twitter user dismisses a chart predicting NVDA's stock price to go below $300, stating that it lacks basis in reality and that the company has changed significantly since the May earnings report. They also criticize the reliance on chart patterns for future predictions and emphasize the importance of using price, volume-based indicators, and fundamental analysis.
2023-12-02 11:10:01
TSLA News Summary: Tesla ($TSLA) options activity suggests bullish sentiment as there has been significant volume on deep in the money $450 puts. Support at $205 is expected to provide another bounce. Additionally, Tesla's cyber truck deliveries have commenced, indicating the company's planned and mapped out growth. However, analysts express concerns about Tesla's product lineup staleness. The cyber truck charges faster than a phone and is loaded with abundant technology.
2023-12-02 10:40:02
COIN Coinbase ($COIN) is making headlines as it continues to gain momentum. Wall Street is showing confidence in the company's ability to survive the cryptocurrency market downturn, with Coinbase now receiving three times the fees compared to last year. The stock is expected to test the $190 mark. Despite some skepticism, many investors are optimistic about Coinbase's future, with some predicting a price range of $175 to $200 this month.
2023-12-02 09:30:01
AMC News Summary: Disney is facing financial troubles, losing millions of dollars and subscribers. There are allegations of cooking the books and cancel culture involvement. In contrast, AMC has been performing well with 10 consecutive earnings beats. However, bankrupt companies are not registering new trademarks and instead liquidating existing ones. Some individuals without positions in AMC are obsessively posting negative comments on a Friday night. Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, has been criticized for his management over the past 8 years. Additionally, there is a Twitter feud between users regarding the manipulation of AMC stock and unrealistic expectations of a sudden price surge.
2023-12-02 09:10:01
MULN The news is about the stock price of MULN potentially climbing as it broke the lower Bollinger Band. There is also mention of money coming into the markets and speculation about the stock reaching $10+. Additionally, there is discussion about toxic leaders and their actions regarding the company's shares and revenue. The news ends with a positive comment about the stock.
2023-12-02 07:10:01
MMAT The stock symbol $MMAT is mentioned in the tweets. The first tweet expresses surprise and excitement about the stock ending at 11. The second tweet mentions watching the Halo series and finding it better than expected. The third tweet states the intention to buy the $MMAT stock. The remaining tweets include various YouTube video links and a mention of feeling like the Grinch.
2023-12-02 04:00:02
MRNA In a historic vote, Rep. George Santos has been expelled from Congress. The core Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index shows that inflation continues to decrease slowly, according to Fed Chair Powell. The stock market has responded positively to this news. There is anticipation for the approval of the RSV vaccine, which could potentially raise the stock price of $MRNA to over $125. There are discussions about lawsuits and sudden deaths related to $MRNA, with some suggesting that the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) may have played a role. Desperate bears are spreading vaccine misinformation and conspiracies, while others argue that the COVID vaccines have a higher mortality rate than the virus itself.
2023-12-02 02:00:02
TSLA News Summary: Elon Musk and the Defense of Free Speech - $TSLA: An article discusses Elon Musk's defense of free speech and its impact on Tesla's stock ($TSLA).Tesla's Pioneering AI Make $TSLA a Buy: Another article highlights Tesla's pioneering AI technology and suggests that it makes Tesla's stock ($TSLA) a good investment.$TSLA The CyberTruck's unveiling disappointment: The CyberTruck's unveiling promised a lower-priced vehicle with a longer range, but it has now turned into a more expensive truck with a shorter range, leading to disappointment and potential negative impact on Tesla's stock valuation.$TSLA's prospects for CyberTruck: The article suggests that the prospects for the CyberTruck boosting Tesla's bottom line and improving earnings estimates are dim, which could further impact Tesla's stock valuation.Tesla's lack of seriousness about CyberTruck: The author expresses skepticism about Tesla's seriousness regarding the CyberTruck, comparing it to previous products like solar shingles and the Semi truck, and suggests that it may just be a marketing tool.Elon Musk's weekend wishes and stock predictions: The tweets mention Elon Musk's weekend wishes and make predictions about Tesla's stock performance on Monday and by the end of the week.
2023-12-02 01:40:01
SOFI The news is that Anthony Noto will be speaking at an event related to $SOFI. The stock is showing strong volume and there is anticipation of an extended run. Some traders believe the stock is in a loading zone for the next leg up. There is speculation about the stock breaking the channel and potentially reaching the $9 area. Overall, there is optimism about the stock's performance in the coming week.
2023-12-02 01:30:02
PFE The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, has admitted that he has not taken any of the Covid-19 vaccines developed by his company. This has raised questions about his confidence in the product. Meanwhile, Pfizer's stock is currently trading at a 52-week and 3-year low, making it an attractive value play with strong dividends. However, the company is being undervalued compared to its pre-pandemic performance, and investors are concerned about the lack of new drug candidates. In other news, Pfizer's stock has gained 189 new watchers, and there is ongoing discussion about the company's performance and potential side effects of its drugs.
2023-12-02 01:20:01
NVDA News Summary: The Nasdaq is experiencing a blowoff top, according to Elliott Wave analysis, with a potential double bottom forming in the Ultra Short Nasdaq QQQ ETF. Historically, bear markets have occurred after the first rate cut. The SPY and QQQ also show signs of a blowoff top, with the Nasdaq topping out first. The Federal Reserve is not expected to cut rates soon. NVDA stock dipped after Powell's statement on rate cuts and the possibility of more rate hikes. However, NVDA is still considered a good stock with strong AI-chip synergies. A new Chinese GGPU has arrived to challenge Nvidia's AI dominance but falls short. A chart predicting a sub-300 price target for NVDA is deemed unrealistic and invalid. Technical analysis should be supplemented with fundamental analysis for accurate predictions.
2023-12-02 01:10:02
DWAC News Summary: - There are rumors that Kevin McCarthy may vacate his office by the beginning of the year, but no links or confirmation have been provided. - Olympic swimmer Klete Keller has received a sentencing for his involvement in the January 6 Capitol attack. - Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister of Israel, is no longer in power following an attack by Hamas. - Fraudster Santos has been ousted from Congress and is awaiting justice. - A federal appeals court has ruled that Donald Trump is not entitled to presidential immunity. - There are differing opinions on the Democratic Party. - The stock price of DWAC is expected to reach $25 soon. - Chris Cuomo, former CNN host, expresses regret over his previous statements. - There are criticisms and accusations against President Biden and Business Insider.
2023-12-02 00:30:01
COIN Coinbase ($COIN) is making headlines as insiders cash out and Wall Street jumps on board. The company's stock is on the rise, with some predicting it could reach $300. Wall Street's confidence in Coinbase's ability to survive the crypto winter is evident, as they are going all in and increasing fees. Despite the volatility, some investors are holding short positions over the weekend, showing confidence in the stock's performance.
2023-12-02 00:30:01
HOOD The tweets discuss various finance-related topics, including the user's support for retail investors, their experience with trading Tesla ($TSLA) stock, exposing lies on Wall Street, and the potential of Stocktwits going public like Robinhood ($HOOD). They also mention trading activities and positions in Robinhood stock, as well as other stocks like Virgin Galactic ($SPCE), Rocket Lab ($RKLB), and Plug Power ($PLUG). The user celebrates reaching $100,000 in assets and invites others to join a live party celebration on YouTube.
2023-12-01 23:50:01
TSLA Summary: The tweets discuss various opinions and concerns about Tesla ($TSLA) and its CyberTruck (CT) model. Some users express skepticism about Tesla's seriousness regarding the CT, comparing it to previous products like solar shingles and the Semi truck. They also criticize the price and range changes of the CT, suggesting it may not boost Tesla's earnings as expected. Additionally, there are mentions of market manipulation and accusations of false information being spread by bullish investors.
2023-12-01 23:40:02
COIN News Summary: The tweets discuss the financial implications of the cryptocurrency company Coinbase ($COIN). Some users express their belief that the stock will rise above $400, while others speculate on potential pullbacks or consolidation. There is also mention of insiders cashing out and Wall Street's involvement. Overall, the sentiment seems positive towards $COIN, with users expressing confidence in its future performance.
2023-12-01 23:30:01
RIOT The tweets are discussing the performance of various stocks in the finance sector. The users are expressing excitement and optimism about the rise in stock prices for companies like Riot Blockchain ($RIOT), Marathon Patent Group ($MARA), and CleanSpark ($CLSK). They mention specific call options and targets for these stocks. One user also shares a link to a market status update. Overall, the sentiment is positive and bullish towards these stocks.
2023-12-01 23:20:02
MULN News Summary: The tweet mentions the stock symbol $MULN and provides updates on its performance. The 30-minute wave is still active, and the bullish hourly trend has not reversed. The tweet also mentions money coming into the markets. The tweet then discusses breaking a certain level on Monday and expresses frustration with the CEO and board of the company. It also mentions the toxic leaders and their actions regarding the company's shares. The tweet concludes with a wish for someone to buy a majority stake and change the CEO and board.
2023-12-01 23:10:02
MARA News Summary: Investors are expressing excitement and optimism about the performance of several cryptocurrency-related stocks, including $MARA, $RIOT, $BKKT, $ETH.X, and $BETS. They believe that these stocks have the potential to reach new highs and are eagerly awaiting their future performance. Some investors are referencing a Reddit post discussing the potential of $MARA, while others are confident in the analyst predictions for $ALT and $MARA. Additionally, there is anticipation for a potential pullback in prices to enter the market at a lower price point. Overall, investors are enthusiastic about the future prospects of these stocks and are hoping for significant gains.
2023-12-01 23:00:02
CRM News Summary: Salesforce ($CRM) insiders have been selling large amounts of stock, raising concerns among investors. The CEO sold $2 million worth of shares, contributing to a total of $53 million in insider sells during a FOMO (fear of missing out) pump. Another insider sold $24 million, and there are two more insider sells to be reported. These insider sells have caused a significant drop in the stock price, with a massive gap at $230.35. Additionally, there was a $6.3 million sale at the bell. Investors are advised to take their profits before the market makers do.
2023-12-01 22:40:01
DWAC News Summary: The finance-related tweets discuss the stock symbol $DWAC and its recent trading activity. One tweet mentions the Federal Reserve handing out free money, while another refers to the hiring of new employees. There is also speculation about Kevin McCarthy potentially leaving Congress and a link to an article about a federal appeals court ruling regarding Donald Trump's presidential immunity. The tweets also mention fraudsters going to prison, rumors about McCarthy vacating his office, and a news article about Israel and Hamas. One tweet criticizes Democrats, while another expresses optimism about the stock reaching $25. Lastly, there is a tweet mentioning a link about former CNN host Chris Cuomo and a comment about suing President Biden over vaccine mandates.
2023-12-01 22:30:02
CRM News Summary: Salesforce ($CRM) insiders have been selling large amounts of stock, with one individual alone selling $27 million worth. Another insider sold $24 million, and the CEO sold $2 million, totaling $53 million in insider sells. This comes amidst a FOMO pump in the stock, prompting warnings to take profits before the market makers do. Additionally, there was a $6.3 million sale at the bell.
2023-12-01 22:30:02
MMAT The news is about the stock symbol $MMAT, which is related to Metamaterials. The tweets mention that the person is satisfied with their decision to buy more of the stock in the morning. They also share YouTube links related to $MMAT and mention that the stock is up 3 pennies from its lows. Additionally, the person mentions going to the casino and feeling like the Grinch.
2023-12-01 22:10:02
UBER Uber ($UBER) has shown a buy signal for short-term trading, according to technical analysis. The stock has seen significant gains, with some traders reporting a 109% increase in equity and over 800% gains on calls. The Trading Empire is being praised for providing knowledge and experience to traders. The news comes as many people are relying on Uber instead of owning cars, especially during these uncertain times. Some investors are hoping for a similar surge in Uber's stock price as seen with Tesla ($TSLA) after its inclusion in the S&P 500. One trader regrets not adding to their Uber position earlier. They plan to sell most of their holdings on Monday. Uber is currently trending as the top stock, and some traders are celebrating their successful swing trades.
2023-12-01 21:30:01
TSLA News Summary:- Dan Nathan expresses pessimism about Tesla ($TSLA) but believes it could be a bullish sign. - Speculation arises about Tesla's stock reaching $300 this month. - The excitement surrounding Tesla's Cybertruck is compared to the reaction to other non-exotic cars. - FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is observed in the market as stocks have their best month in a year. - A cup and handle pattern on the Nasdaq 5-year chart is mentioned as a contributing factor. - Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas reiterates a Buy rating for Tesla with a $380 price target. - The Financial Times article discusses Tesla's upcoming challenges and potential growth.
2023-12-01 21:30:01
PFE Today, Pfizer ($PFE) has shown a sell signal in the short term according to technical analysis. The stock gained 189 new watchers and trend data can be found on Despite some negative comments, others believe that Pfizer is a strong company and recommend buying their stock. There is criticism towards Pfizer's search for another PrEP similar to COVID PrEP, with concerns about potential drug addiction. Some users on Twitter are discussing price targets for next week and there are individuals who have bought $50 calls for Pfizer.
2023-12-01 21:10:02
UBER Uber's inclusion in the S&P index has been celebrated by traders, with many expressing their successful predictions and gains from the news. Some have mentioned the impact of the pandemic on traditional jobs, leading to increased reliance on Uber. Others have compared the situation to Tesla's inclusion in the index last year. Overall, traders are optimistic about the future of Uber and its stock.
2023-12-01 20:30:01
TSLA Tesla's Cybertruck launch has faced challenges and disappointment, with many saying the price is too high for the vehicle. However, some analysts remain optimistic, with Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas reiterating a Buy rating and a $380 price target for Tesla. The stock has been experiencing choppy trading but is expected to resume its upward trend next week. In other news, the stock market has posted its best month in a year, leading to FOMO (fear of missing out) among investors. The Nasdaq chart shows a significant cup and handle pattern, which has contributed to the market's recent performance. Tesla is also trying to appease disappointed Cybertruck reservation holders by offering them $1,000 to purchase a different model.
2023-12-01 20:30:01
NKLA News Summary: Nikola Corporation (NKLA) CEO Girsky is keeping secrets, but the company has received 47 new orders for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) since the recall. Additionally, fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) orders have increased to 277 from 35 customers. The stock did not close in the green, and some believe that shorts are covering too cheaply. Meanwhile, OZOP Energy Solutions (OZSC) is gaining recognition for its EV warranty and smart lighting products. Investors are waiting for NKLA and NIO to break out higher.
2023-12-01 20:10:01
AMC The tweets mention the stock symbol $AMC and discuss the losses incurred by investors, mocking them as "apes" and "bagholders." There is also a mention of a review of the movie "Godzilla Minus One" and a link to an article. The tweets end with a sarcastic comment about the stock price reaching $0 and a criticism of another user's belief in a potential squeeze.
2023-12-01 20:10:01
NVDA News Summary: Tech stocks, including NVDA, are experiencing a pullback as the Nasdaq, SPY, and DJI all show signs of topping out. The Federal Reserve is unlikely to cut rates soon, leading to a shift in the market. NVDA, once the AI king, is now playing catch-up to INTC. Despite this, NVDA is still considered a good stock with superior AI-chip synergies. Some predict NVDA to reach $500 by Christmas this year and $600-700 by 2024. The forward P/E ratio for NVDA is 38, which is not bad considering their dominance in the market. Bears may be rejoicing, but hitting $450 seems unlikely.
2023-12-01 20:10:01
UBER Uber is set to join the S&P 500 on December 18th, as predicted by some traders. The news has led to excitement among investors, with many expecting the stock to continue its upward trend. However, some caution that the inclusion may already be priced in and could result in a sell-off. Despite this, many traders have reported significant profits from trading Uber options.
2023-12-01 19:40:01
TRKA News Summary: The Twitter thread discusses the financial situation of TRKA, a shell company. The tweets mention the speculation of a significant undisclosed agreement, the involvement of Jefferies to clean up financial toxicity and facilitate a sale, the acquisition of Converge, and the extension of waivers and default interest payments. The thread suggests that TRKA may be in the end game of a significant development.
2023-12-01 19:30:02
UBER Uber's inclusion in the S&P 500 on December 18th has generated excitement among traders, with some predicting a rise in the stock price. The Trading Empire claims to offer the knowledge and experience to become a successful trader. One user mentions their gains of 109% on equity and over 800% on calls. Another user recalls how Twitter users accurately predicted the inclusion of Tesla in the S&P 500, and expresses hope for a similar outcome with Uber. However, some users caution that the news may already be priced in and anticipate a potential sell-off. Overall, there is a sense of optimism and confidence in Uber's future performance.
2023-12-01 19:30:02
RIVN Summary: The tweets discuss the performance of Rivian ($RIVN) and Tesla ($TSLA) in the stock market. One tweet expresses frustration with Rivian's price increase and perceived shortcomings compared to Elon Musk's promises. Another tweet mentions Rivian's competition with Mercedes in selling vans. Two tweets suggest that Fisker ($FSR) and Rivian are the best EV stocks to buy for the Santa Claus rally, with potential price targets mentioned. There is also a mention of a previous analysis and alert on Rivian's stock. The last tweet implies a desire to settle a debate.
2023-12-01 19:20:01
AMC News Summary: The tweets mention various discussions related to the stock of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. ($AMC). Some users are mocking and taunting others, while others are discussing the current state of the stock and potential showings at select theaters. Additionally, there is mention of personal financial gains and the speculation surrounding the rise of stocks and cryptocurrencies in 2021. The tweets also criticize certain market participants and express frustration with their behavior.
2023-12-01 19:20:01
AMC The tweets discuss various topics related to finance and the stock market. One tweet mentions the creation of a fake account to promote a particular stock. Another tweet mocks the defeat of some investors and calls for an apology. There is also a mention of "irrecoverable losses" and a link to an article about Godzilla. Additionally, there are comments about upcoming showings at select theaters and the possibility of the market reaching new highs. One tweet mentions buying more shares of a stock and getting a new job with higher pay. The last tweet questions the reasons behind the peak in stock and cryptocurrency prices in 2021.
2023-12-01 19:10:02
MARA The tweet mentions the stock symbols $MARA, $RIOT, $BETS, $COIN, $MSTR, $BTC.X, and $ALT. It also mentions a Reddit post about $MARA and encourages following the user's page for similar calls. The tweet expresses excitement about the performance of $MARA and predicts its continued growth. It also mentions analyst confidence in $MARA, as well as the potential impact of an ETF and halving on its price.
2023-12-01 19:00:02
MULN News Summary: The stock symbol $MULN is being discussed in these tweets, with users sharing their analysis and predictions for its performance. The tweets mention the TDA algorithm showing an approximate date for earnings, the stock potentially recovering in premarket trading, and the possibility of a short squeeze. Additionally, there is mention of the City of Phoenix programming a budget for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and the potential for Mullen Class 1 vans to be included in their budget for new electric vehicles.
2023-12-01 19:00:02
DWAC News Summary: The finance-related tweets mention the stock symbol $DWAC and provide some updates and opinions. One tweet celebrates a successful week for the team, while another mentions the need to feed the beast. There is also a mention of someone named Bibi leaving. Additionally, there is a rumor about Kevin McCarthy vacating his office, with a request for links to confirm. The tweets also discuss fraudsters ending up in prison, with a reference to Santos being ousted from congress. The mention of Trump suggests that he will have to face consequences, despite previous delays. The Federal Reserve's distribution of free money is mentioned, along with a link to an article. Lastly, there is a tweet expressing disagreement with Democrats and predicting a $25 price for $DWAC.
2023-12-01 18:30:02
TRKA News Summary: The tweets discuss the financial situation of a company called TRKA. The tweets mention that TRKA is not leaving and there are discussions about its shares. There is a request for God's intervention to restructure the company and a mention of a possible merger. The tweets also mention the extension of waivers and the involvement of Jefferies in cleaning up the company's finances. There is speculation about undisclosed agreements and actions taken to prevent conversion and liquidation. The company's name was changed to TMG after acquiring Converge.
2023-12-01 18:30:02
UBER Lyft's stock should be higher considering Uber's valuation, as Uber is valued at $118 billion while Lyft is only at $5 billion. Uber's inclusion in the S&P 500 on December 18th is expected to drive its stock price up. Some Twitter users believe that Uber's inclusion is already priced in and anticipate a dip similar to what happened with Airbnb's stock after Uber's inclusion. However, others are optimistic and have bought shares. There is also a mention of checking for scorpions in boots and trading based on what is observed. Another user suggests that if Uber is added to the S&P 500, there may be a sell-off, leading to a price drop to $55. Overall, there are mixed opinions about Uber's stock and its inclusion in the S&P 500.
2023-12-01 18:30:02
AMC Summary: The tweets mention the stock symbols $AMC, $GME, $VIEW, $GGE, $BB, and $NOK. They discuss the actions of "apes" (referring to retail investors) piling into calls during the GameStop (GME) rally, mocking the creation of fake accounts to pump up certain stocks, and the idea of bagholding (holding onto losing investments). The tweets also mention that shorts must pay and imply that some investors are being trapped with their investments.
2023-12-01 18:10:01
MMAT The stock symbol $MMAT is mentioned in the tweets. The first tweet expresses excitement about the stock, while the second tweet mentions someone buying 50k shares. The third tweet mentions trusting someone and feeling grateful. The following tweets mention the stock looking good, things looking up, and the stock being green on a Friday.
2023-12-01 18:00:02
TRKA News Summary: The tweets mention the stock symbol $TRKA and discuss various topics related to the company. The first tweet expresses confidence in the company's future and dismisses any negative opinions. The second tweet humorously mentions stealing potatoes. The third tweet references a potential merger. The fourth tweet discusses the extension of a waiver. The fifth tweet asks for divine intervention to increase the stock price. The sixth tweet mentions a share available for purchase. The seventh tweet announces a deadline extension. The eighth tweet mentions a shareholder meeting and the need to resolve a "material impact" before a certain date.
2023-12-01 17:30:01
MMAT The stock symbol $MMAT is mentioned in the tweets. The first tweet expresses amusement and mentions music posts related to $MMAT. The second tweet expresses liking for $MMAT. The third tweet mentions a YouTube video and includes emojis indicating potential financial gains. The fourth tweet mentions trusting someone and includes hashtags related to trust and gratitude. The fifth tweet mentions $MMAT looking good and things looking up. The sixth tweet expresses surprise at seeing green (positive) movement on a Friday.
2023-12-01 17:10:01
MSTR MicroStrategy ($MSTR) is expected to break out of its current range, with some investors planning to buy again if the price drops below $500. Despite holding 150 shares, there is a short-term bearish sentiment. The company is seen as a potential long-term investment due to its connection to Bitcoin ($BTC.X). Some believe that MicroStrategy will become the richest company in the world in 10 years. There are predictions that the stock will reach $2000 by the end of the current bull run, potentially in the first quarter of 2025. The stock recently reached a yearly high of $38. Overall, there is enthusiasm and optimism surrounding MicroStrategy's performance.
2023-12-01 17:00:02
MMAT News Summary: The tweets mention the stock symbol $MMAT and discuss the need for campaigns and help from brokers in relation to potential actions by the SEC. The tweets also mention the phrase "Better Call Saul" in reference to seeking legal assistance. One tweet expresses optimism about the stock's performance, while another mentions trusting someone.
2023-12-01 17:00:02
MARA News Summary: The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a surge, with Bitcoin (BTC) leading the way. Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), a publicly listed Bitcoin miner, is expected to benefit from this upward trend. Analysts predict that MARA will surpass $40,000 and potentially reach $51,000 in the near future. The upcoming halving event and the approval of Spot ETFs are expected to further boost MARA's value. Additionally, MARA is close to surpassing Riot Blockchain (RIOT) in terms of market performance. The positive sentiment surrounding Bitcoin's environmental friendliness is also contributing to the rise in MARA's stock. Investors are optimistic about the potential for significant gains in the coming weeks, with some predicting that MARA could reach $100-$200 if Bitcoin reaches its projected price targets of $200,000-$500,000.
2023-12-01 17:00:02
MULN News Summary: The tweet mentions the stock symbol $MULN and discusses the stock's performance and potential reversal. It also mentions some free stock picks for Monday and suggests playing LUNC.X. Additionally, it mentions the need to arrest criminals and speculates on the stock's future price and the possibility of a short squeeze. The tweet also mentions the City of Phoenix's budget for electric vehicle charging stations and the potential purchase of Mullen Class 1 vans.
2023-12-01 17:00:02
GME The tweets are discussing the stock of AFRM (Affirm) and its potential for a significant drop. The first tweet predicts a drop of 30% and suggests shorting the stock premarket. The following tweets provide articles that support the idea of selling AFRM due to its inflated value, problematic business model, and being labeled as the most overinflated stock. The tweets also mention other stocks like $GME, $TSLA, $BTC.X, $KSS, $DLLR, $AMC, and $BBBYQ.DL1123, but they are not relevant to the news summary.
2023-12-01 16:40:02
SNAP Snap Inc. (SNAP) is experiencing a bullish trend, with its stock price increasing by 16% since it was mentioned. Many investors have built their positions in the company, and it is currently breaking the $14 mark. However, some Twitter users are skeptical, pointing out that the company has a high forward price-to-earnings ratio of 209 and predicting that the stock will drop back to $9 in a month. There is also concern about selling volume and predictions that the stock will reach $12 next week. Additionally, one user humorously comments on the high forward price-to-earnings ratio of the stock. The tweet also mentions that SNAP's stock has seen a significant increase of 771%, and there is a mention of discounted calls for SNAP and Western Digital Corporation (WDC) stocks.
2023-12-01 16:30:02
SNOW News Summary: Snowflake ($SNOW) stock experiences volatility and mixed opinions, but shows potential for growth. The Aroon Indicator suggests an uptrend, while some believe the stock is being manipulated. Despite recent fluctuations, the stock closed above its open and is expected to rise in December. Snowflake's strong earnings report indicates success in the enterprise software market, leading to increased IT budgets. However, caution is advised as the stock's future performance remains uncertain.
2023-12-01 16:30:02
COIN Coinbase (COIN) is expected to face significant selling pressure, according to a tweet. The top four gainers at the close were identified as Para (PARA), Coinbase (COIN), GameStop (GME), and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Another tweet expresses frustration with COIN's performance and hopes for a price above $200. However, optimism remains as the tweet predicts COIN will eventually surpass $400. A tweet encourages COIN to reach $135 in the last five minutes of trading, while also congratulating those who took advantage of the recent dip. Additionally, a link is shared to an article where Coinbase's head of research discusses Bitcoin as a supernational asset. The final tweet expresses excitement and anticipation for COIN, with a mention of meeting at 1:40 pm on Monday.
2023-12-01 16:30:02
TSLA Tesla's Cybertruck launch disappoints with a high price and reduced range, according to a report. The stock, $TSLA, is said to be 40% more expensive and have 40% less range. Despite this, some investors are still optimistic, with one user suggesting buying and holding leaps for potential upside. Others believe the stock will continue to grind higher next week. However, there are critics who argue that Tesla's growth will not come from cars but from other sources. Overall, the sentiment seems mixed regarding Tesla's future prospects.
2023-12-01 16:30:02
PFE Pfizer (PFE) has faced challenges in the past year, including recent weight-loss news. However, the stock is currently at a strong support level and undervalued, making it a good opportunity for investors to buy at the $26-29 range. Some Twitter users believe that Pfizer is a solid investment and recommend buying more shares, citing the company's status as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and its excellent dividend. However, there are also concerns about Pfizer's involvement in trials for a new drug similar to COVID PrEP, with some users criticizing regulators for allowing such trials and predicting a potential drug addiction pandemic. Despite these mixed opinions, some investors see the current dip in Pfizer's stock as a buying opportunity and have added to their positions. One user even thanks Jim, possibly referring to a financial expert, for recommending buying Pfizer and speculates about insider information. Another user asks for price targets for the stock in the coming week, while someone else shares that they have purchased $50 calls, expressing confidence in the stock's future performance.
2023-12-01 16:20:01
ABNB News Summary: Despite a negative experience with a magic 8ball from Walmart, it has been a good day for real estate stocks, including Vornado Realty Trust (VNO), Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Boston Properties (BXP), and Airbnb (ABNB). ABNB's stock has seen fluctuations throughout the week, causing doubt among investors, but it has shown resilience and is currently forming a bullish daily bar.
2023-12-01 16:10:01

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