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EQ Bullish 0.534 1 1.68 -0.59
IQ Bullish 0.933 1 2.48 2.06

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name three indicators that made you profitable (i know there are plenty, I just want to know what y’ll mostly use) 22
Is anyone really successful trading SPY/SPX ? 6
Is using multiple browsers to multiply day trade counts legal? 5
Basically no point to sell the low market value stuff anymore right? Since each trade also cost another 6.95? And just hope for the best? 5
Is a ~10% return in a month good? 4
How long would it take to train myself to daytrade profitably? 2
This week's notable MicroCap Insider Buying 2
How much can you trade with, without having issues with orders filling? 2
I'm new to trading , is there any books ot YouTube channels that are legitimate 2
Daytrading futures end of first week, follow up from day 1 post 2
I set my iPad up for another screen and set some scanners I found online on it. You gotta use the cash app side of tos to put the scanner settings in but they’ll show up on your tablet. May help me spot a few more things. Or just be more distracted. 2
Daily Plays January 27, 2023 1
Is there a paper trading platform with historical data where you can select a day and time to recreate that day? 1
PDT is wack 1
Big win TSLA call 0DTE 1
Daily Plays January 28, 2023 1
Afternoon analysis of MESH23 using ICT theories 1
Want to learn and start 1
Imugene Ltd. [OTC: IUGNF], [ASX: IMU] - Well funded, developing a range of new treatments that activate cancer patients' own immune system to identify and eradicate tumors. 1
Questions: 1. Swing, Intraday or Scalping? 2. Stock, Forex, Commodity or Crypto bc [Just choose one from both and mention your reasons, doesn’t matter if you got multiple choices, just choose one] 1
Need better platform than TD 1
Good Faith Violations are genuinely annoying 1